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Designer and Illustrator

Promotional Design

Pandora Path
Game Covers
Artboard 1
Ty Tree 3.png

Underdog Records

Underdog Records

Branding for a music selling brand.

Underdog Records Info
UD Pallete
Underdog Ipad 2

Image Design/ Illustration

Charcoal World

Landscape of a part of my campus using only charcoal.

Wolf's Wood

A sketch of a winter landscape and a wolf.

The Crow King

Sketch of a raven with a crown.

The Night King

Sketch of the Night King from Game of Thrones.

Qawwali Album

Album design for Qawwali music.

Rebel David Bowie

This image is a work where the image represent the song Rebel Rebel by the late David Bowie.


A personal design that is revival of a previous work I did in my younger days.

Mucha & Drake

Poster for exhibition on Alphonse Mucha and Craig Drake

Ty Tree 2.png

Branding and Advertisment

Xbox One Ad

An advertisement for Xbox One

Rock the World

Poster for rock concert

Rome Poster

Vacation poster for Rome.

Gamescom Poster

Poster for Gamescom event.

New Dawn Beverage

Branding for a beverage company.

Enter Your World

Packaging for an multimedia entertainment retail brand.

Gadgetry Logo

Branding for a watch brand.

Ty Tree 4.png
Ty Tree 5.png

SXSW Film Festival

SXSW Horror

Poster for SXSW Film Festival Genre Horror


Poster for SXSW Film Festival Genre Drama

SXSW Comedy

Poster for SXSW Film Festival Genre Comedy

SXSW Romance

Poster for SXSW Film Festival Genre Romance

SXSW Postcard

Horror Festival

SXSW Postcard

Comedy Postcard

SXSW Postcard

Drama Postcard

SXSW Postcard

Romance Postcrad

Postcard Back

Festival Schedule

Ty Tree 1.png
Ty Tree 2.png

Flic Stop

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